XESS Enterprise Spreadsheet Solution
for Linux, UNIX, VMS, and Windows NT

XESS is a powerful, compact, and efficient spreadsheet system that provides a rich complement of functions, graphs, and other features. XESS is highly compatible with other spreadsheet products and works in many environments.

Versions of XESS are available for most Linux, UNIX, VMS, and Windows NT systems.

You can extend the XESS system using either the xsBasic Macro option or the Software Developers Kit with its network-enabled API. The xsBasic language is an object-oriented BASIC designed specifically for use as the macro facility for the XESS Spreadsheet. The SDK enables spreadsheet extensibility and tight integration with other applications -- including sharing data with real-time data servers and distribution systems.

All About the XESS Spreadsheet
New Features in XESS 5.0

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