The Advanced X Windows Spreadsheet System 

The XESS system is a powerful spreadsheet system built around an end-user spreadsheet with lots of built-in functions, graphs, and other features. System options include the xsBasic Macro and Scripting Add-in and the network-enabled API Toolkit SDK which enables spreadsheet extensibility and tight integration with other applications -- including sharing data with real-time data servers and distribution systems -- and network interoperability. XESS is supported on most Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT systems.


As the first spreadsheet designed specifically for X Windows and Motif, XESS has always been a star performer. Its flexible environment accomodates complex calculations and data manipulation. Its extensive computational and graphical tools are ideal for both financial and scientific/engineering applications. And thanks to the unique XESS Connections API Toolkit, this spreadsheet easily integrates with other applications for seamless sharing of data and control.

Created for the demands of highly technical workstation computing, XESS provides a full range of mathematical, statistical, financial, matrix, and string functions. Yet it handles these complex calculations with the ease of a familiar spreadsheet format with attractive screen displays and an intuitive, point-and-click user interface.

XESS is simple to learn, but well-equipped to handle sophisticated applications:

Built-in Functions

In addition to traditional spreadsheet tasks, XESS supports all arithmetic, Boolean, and logical operators available in the C programming language. XESS has a wealth of other functions for complex engineering, scientific, and financial calculations.

With XESS's embedded tools, you can enter and recalculate matrix, vector, and Fourier transform operations as easily as other spreadsheet functions. You can use constraint expressions to indicate when cell values are outside desired boundaries or use goal-seeking to solve a system of equations to a desired value. XESS also includes powerful tools for searching, sorting, and data visualization capabilities.

Enhanced Graphics

XESS puts presentation graphics at your fingertips. Build basic graphs with a single selection and mouse click, use colors and shading to emphasize differences, then print the graph or export it to your favorite publishing system.

You can see your data in the form you prefer, from simple pie chart to complex 3D surface, or both at once. As your data changes, your graphs change automatically, and dynamic annotation highlights important aspects of the results. View your graphs in separate windows or place them on the sheet with your data.

Easy to Customize and Extend with xsBasic

The xsBasic Add-in supports internal macros and end-user extensions to the spreadsheet, ranging from simply automating repetitive tasks or adding a new computational function to developing an entire application with custom menus, dialogs, and file management.

The xsBasic language is based on widely-used object-oriented versions of the BASIC programming language. It supports cross-platform development of user functions, custom menus and dialogs, and user applications within the XESS Spreadsheet environment.

Real-Time Client/Server Integration

XESS's most compelling feature is its ability to adapt to a changing world. While most spreadsheets capture only a snapshot in time, XESS reflects live action, sending and receiving data and commands from other client/server programs -- even on other computers -- and automatically recalculating the affected worksheets.

XESS runs on Linux, UNIX, VMS, OpenVMS, and Windows NT workstations. This operating environment is especially valuable for engineers, scientists, financial traders, and other professionals who require powerful computing, ease-of-use, and hardware flexibility.

XESS users can transfer data between spreadsheets running on different computers. And with the XESS Connections API Toolkit for C and FORTRAN, other applications can transfer data into or out of an XESS spreadsheet as the data is calculated. Your XESS spreadsheet can display a real-time summary of data originating on networked computers in other buildings, cities, or countries. And applications can control all aspects of the spreadsheet.

Supported Systems

The XESS Spreadsheet is available on most Linux, UNIX, VMS/OpenVMS, and Windows NT systems:

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