XESS Connections C API Toolkit

Using the XESS Connections Application Programming Interface (API) Toolkit, a client/server application can be fully integrated with the XESS spreadsheet, appearing to the user as a single unified application. This Connections API lets your program remotely control all aspects of the spreadsheet, including drawing graphs, printing, and calculating. XESS becomes your application's user interface, greatly reducing your development time and cost.

The API also provides the basis for extensions to XESS developed by AIS and by other suppliers. These extensions range from factory automation to financial trading to parametric design to third-party database interfaces.

XESS Connections Application Programming Interface (API) provides a flexible and powerful C programming interfaces based on X Windows protocol which allows XESS to be customized, extended, and even tightly integrated with other products or applications. In client/server models, XESS can function as either client or server. The XESS Connections API gives you the following programmatic control over the XESS spreadsheet:

An XESS spreadsheet accommodates incoming and outgoing connections to 63 different programs at the same time, offering vast possibilities for using XESS in very sophisticated applications.

Consider the potential for using connections in your work -- for having XESS accept, process, display, and transfer information to and from other programs in real-time. That is, the data will be continually updated on screen as you watch. For example, you can: