@aGlance Add-in for XESS

The @aGlance Add-in for the XESS spreadsheet provides the client interface between the spreadsheet and the object-oriented data facilities of the @aGlance/IT system. With this add-in, an XESS spreadsheet can easily retrieve and display current and historical data from various data sources in a distributed environment. This data can then be analyzed and charted in real-time.

A typical @aGlance environment includes various sources that contribute data and one or more clients where the data is processed. It might be a factory where the manufacturing process is monitored and reported by various data sources on the plant floor.

The XESS spreadsheet is particularly powerful when used with the @aGlance add-in because of its inherent real-time nature. When the data values change, XESS automatically reflect the changes in its analyses and charts. Rules in the spreadsheet can be used to test for unusual conditions and report them to the user.

XESS/@aGlance Sample Solution

What is @aGlance

@aGlance is a package that provides a way for clients (ordinary desktop applications like the XESS spreadsheet) to talk to servers (process control systems) in "real-time". Layered on Digital's ACA Services (Application Control Architecture) and Object Broker, @aGlance clients and servers can exchange data and make inquiries over a multiplatform network (e.g. OpenVMS, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, MS Windows)

The XESS @aGlance extension) allows XESS spreadsheets to connect as an @aGlance/IT client. This extends XESS with built-in functions and pull-down menus that allow XESS spreadsheets to connect in "real-time" to @aGlance/IT servers.

Specifically, a connection program adds:

How do we get started with XESS and @aGlance?

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