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For nearly twenty-five years, Applied Information Systems (AIS) has been a pioneer in developing integrated multi-vendor software solutions. Today, AIS renews its commitment to authentically open systems with the power, flexibility, and support required for the enterprise.

The reality of today's world is that most companies use computers and systems from many vendors. The challenge is to make these various systems work well together, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex problems. To meet this challenge, AIS provides high-quality, technically advanced solutions that bring immediate benefits to our clients.

Since its beginning in 1972, AIS has provided a wide range of products and solutions:

Applied Information Systems is a privately-held corporation based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. AIS provides software to thousands of sites around the world. The company is active in various industry associations and has participated since 1975 as a member of various committees in setting national and international standards for the computer industry.

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