XESS Developer Program

XESS Developer Program for VARS/OEMS

The XESS Spreadsheet is the choice of many software developers who need to include a powerful spreadsheet component as part of their applications. AIS provides a developer program tailored to the needs of companies that integrated the XESS Spreadsheet with their applications for resale to end users in a typical OEM/VAR arrangement.

Why integrate XESS with your product?

XESS includes a powerful API for integrating the spreadsheet technology with other applications. Through this callable interface, your application is able to modify and control essentially all aspects of the spreadsheet, using it like a powerful widget. By adding your own menus and functions, you can provide your end users with a powerful, yet intuitive interface to your applications.

Who qualifies for the Developer Program?

This program is available world-wide to companies that integrate the XESS Spreadsheet technology with other software products for resale.

What type of licensing and payment options are available?

AIS provides several licensing options for embedding XESS with your applications. These range from options where payments are made to AIS as licenses are issued to end users to options for fully-paid technology transfers.

How is support provided?

The Developer Partner is required to handled first level support. For an annual support fee, AIS provides second-level support to the developer/support group of the Partner organizaion.

Support Services include:

How do we learn more?

Contact AIS at info@ais.com for more information on joining this program. We look forward to working with you.

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