EDS Unigraphics Embeds XESS Spreadsheet Technology Into Standard Unigraphics Offering

ST. LOUIS. May 3, 1996 -- EDS Unigraphics and Applied Information Systems (AIS) have announced that EDS has begun shipping the XESS Spreadsheet technology embedded in the Gateway module of the Unigraphics CAD/CAM/CAE design system. This technology is being provided by EDS to all Unigraphics customers as a core component of the Version 11 upgrade. This bundling arrangement represents the latest milestone in the continuing partnership between the two companies.

The embedded spreadsheet -- with Unigraphics-specific extensions -- provides numerous capabilities for table-driven model editing, computation, analysis, and design optimization when used in the modeling application. Significant increases in design productivity are an immediate benefit, making it easy to build families of parts using standard tables, integrate knowledge-based engineering, and augment model designs with related analytical scenarios.

The design process can be driven from menus within the spreadsheet. Parameters changed in the spreadsheet model are applied to the design with a single mouse click.

In addition, the fully-licensed XESS spreadsheet product is available as an upgrade to the embedded version. This upgrade allows Unigraphics customers to use the standard XESS Application Program Interface (API) to further integrate their CAD/CAM system with other components of their manufacturing environment and to add specialized computational and design functions to the spreadsheet in addition to those provided by EDS Unigraphics.

"EDS selected the XESS technology because its power and easy integration with our applications were clearly superior to that of other products," said Dave Ochser, EDS Unigrphics product marketing manager. "Customers have proved that XESS provides a powerful, valuable extension to the Unigraphics product suite. The standard spreadsheet -- now embedded and included with UG/Gateway -- offers Unigraphics users functionality that cannot be matched in other CAD/CAM/CAE systems. The upgrade option gives users a complete toolkit to further exploit its functionality according to their specific manufacturing needs."

"AIS is proud that EDS selected the XESS technology as a core component of Unigraphics," said Anne Hartley, vice-president of AIS. "It confirms the position of AIS as the premier supplier of spreadsheet technology for workstations in the OEM/VAR markets. We welcome the ten's of thousands of new XESS users."

AIS is a 23-year-old supplier of software products and solutions targeting multi-vendor integration and advanced client/server applications. XESS is a general-purpose spreadsheet for X Windows that is easily integrated with other applications. It was designed from the beginning with an extensible, client/server interface which supports application-specific add-ins and tight integration with other applications. As a spreadsheet, XESS includes the fullest range of computational and graphical tools for both financial and scientific/engineering applications. XESS embedded with Unigraphics is available on the following supported platforms: Digital Alpha AXP (OpenVMS, UNIX, Windows NT), Hewlett-Packard 9000, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, Sun SPARC, and Intel Windows NT.

EDS Unigraphics develops, markets, sells, implements and supports mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM software and services designed to improve our clients' total product development processes. Offerings include Unigraphics for design-through-manufacture applications, IMAN for workgroup- and enterprise-wide product data management, and product related services including computing and communications, systems support and management, best practice consulting, and training. EDS Unigraphics also provides Parasolid -- the world's leading, high-precision boundary-representation solid modeler to serve mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE applications. EDS Unigraphics' competitive advantage lies in its ability to bring both products and consulting services to all areas addressing product development. Accessing our parent company's offerings, manufacturing industry expertise and financial strength gives us a level of capability beyond that of our competitors.

EDS is a leader in the global information services industry. The company's more than 95,000 employees specialize in applying a range of ideas and technologies to help business and government customers improve their economics, products, services and customer relationships. Stock reflecting EDS' performance is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GME. EDS, which serves customers in 40 countries reported revenues of $12.4 billion in 1995.

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