XESS Spreadsheets for Linux

In 1994, Applied Information Systems (AIS) became one of the first companies to port a commercial application (the XESS Spreadsheet) to the Linux operating system. AIS remains committed to making the XESS spreadsheet technology widely available to the Linux community. AIS does this by supporting Linux as a standard platform for the commercial XESS product and by providing the XESS Standard Edition Spreadsheet specifically for Linux.

AIS continues its aggressive development of the XESS product line and provides Linux versions for many of these products. The most-recent enhancements redefine the standards for high-performance spreadsheets -- capability, compatibility, performance, scalability, extensibility.

AIS has developed special versions of the technology designed to meet the needs of the Linux personal computing community. XESS Standard Edition for Linux is a shrink-wrap product available through Business Logic Corporation, local retail stores, and online stores at US$ 69.95.

AIS supports the full XESS Spreadsheet product and many XESS-related products on Linux including the xsBasic Macro Add-in supporting rapid application development using object-oriented BASIC. Full XESS for Linux is US$ 195. XessPlus which includes xsBasic is US$ 295.

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