XESS Spreadsheet and Network Distributed Applications

Imagine an environment where the user interface, functional components, and (real-time) external data sources can be on different computers, even on different continents -- yet performing as a completely unified system for the end-user. Imagine a familiar spreadsheet environment which supports this sophisticated interoperability and application-specific extensions and customization. Imagine no longer. XESS has been doing this for yeasr for networked UNIX and OpenVMS environments -- and now Windows NT.

In the scenario shown, Windows NT is used for the XESS spreadsheet and volatility graph which are receiving live Reuters data via the XESS/Trade add-in running on a UNIX workstation. The Trade add-in causes the Trade menu with several Trade pulldown operations to appear on the XESS main menu bar, along with the @TRADE function. Distributed (or local) extensions such as Trade can be developed with the standard XESS API Toolkit.

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