Application-specific XESS Spreadsheet Solutions

The Xess spreadsheet technology from Applied Information Systems is great complementary software for a wide range of application-specific implementations on UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT. A few examples are included here and we invite you to take a look at them:

MCAD Integration

Real-time Financial Trading

Process Control

Cross-Platform Distributed Applications

Knowledge Based Logistical System (KBLPS)

If you'd like to explore possibilities with other application environments , we encourage you to contact AIS with your Xess Solution interest and also communicate that interest to the supplier of your primary application.

The XESS Family of Products includes an X/Motif end-user spreadsheet with industry-standard functionality that is highly compatible with PC-based spreadsheets. It also offers a programmable interface (Xess Connections API) which can be used by end-user licensees and AIS OEM Partners to develop customized Xess functionality and integration.

Users of both the generic Xess spreadsheet and application-specific integrated solutions are deriving dramatic productivity increases within their host computing environment. With the powerful network interoperability of the Xess system, access to the Xess spreadsheet and Xess-based solutions can be controlled from a centralized network manager or bound to specific machines.

Using the API does take some C programming expertise - but there are lots of examples to use as a starting point. Actually, it's surprisingly simple to integrate and even customize the spreadsheet component. For end-user licensees, integrated Xess spreadsheet applications are achieved by the Xess API communicating with the host product's API. OEM developers use the same Xess API function calls - but directly from their underlying source code.

AIS invites you to explore the possibilities of the Xess Spreadsheet and perhaps the Xess Connections API Toolkit and how it could enhance your productivity with other computing environments. In addition to end-user licenses, AIS offers OEM Developer licenses for its programmable spreadsheet technology and always welcomes the opportunity to add new third-party software vendors to the growing list of AIS OEM Partners.

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