S.u.S.E. Now German Distributor for XESS Spreadsheet

CHAPEL HILL, NC, USA. - Applied Information Systems (AIS) has announced that S.u.S.E. GmbH now markets, distributes, and supports the XESS spreadsheet in Europe, focusing particularly on the German Linux and Unix markets. AIS and S.u.S.E. are also working together to develop the German language version of XESS.

European customers gain the benefit of S.u.S.E.'s experience in development and support on Unix systems and their closeness to this large and active market. This partnership also permits faster delivery of orders while reducing shipping costs.

"We are very pleased to be working with S.u.S.E.," said Arthur Coston, president of AIS. "They have the experience and resources that are needed by our customers in these markets, and their distribution channels will make it easier to reach new customers."

With their S.u.S.E. Linux Distribution, S.u.S.E. GmbH is the leading company regarding Linux in the German speaking countries. In addition to their own Linux distribution, they supply their customers with other commercial software running on Linux (e.g. S.u.S.E. is the German OEM for MetroLink's Motif). S.u.S.E. also provides commercial support for Linux and custom software development under Unix and Linux.

XESS is a general-purpose spreadsheet for X Windows that is easily integrated with other applications. It was designed from the beginning with an extensible, client/server interface which supports application- specific add-ins and tight integration with other applications. As a spreadsheet, XESS includes the fullest range of computational and graphical tools for both financial and scientific/engineering applications.

AIS is a 22-year-old supplier of software products and solutions targeting multi-vendor integration and advanced client/server applications.

For further informtion, please contact:
S.u.S.E. GmbH
Gebhardstr. 2
D-90762 Fürth

phone 49 911 74 05 30
fax 49 911 74 17 75 5

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