XESS/Trade -
Financial Trading that Works

The XESS/Trade extension is an add-in to the XESS spreadsheet which provides seamless integration with data distribution platforms such as the Reuter Triarch data distribution system. This extension enables users of the XESS spreadsheet to import, manipulate, and export real-time financial trading data using using the familiar @-function mechanism.

XESS and Financial Trading Sample Solution

XESS/Trade combines the best real-time spreadsheet with powerful tools for financial analysis and trading:

How easy and how powerful is XESS/Trade?

When you first see XESS/Trade in action, it's hard to believe your eyes. With XESS/Trade connected to an XESS spreadsheet, a new menu item and four additional functions are available to the user:
  • @TRADE
  • @SEND

    For example:

    @TRADE("DEM=", "bid")
    returns the current bid for spot deutschmark.

    @TRADE("SYBS.O", "bid", "ask", "trdprc_1")
    returns the current bid and ask prices and the last trade price for Sybase. The "ask" and "trdprc_1" values will be placed in the cells to the right of the @TRADE function.
    These spreadsheet cells are now "live" and will change when new data are provided by the server. Graphs and other calculations will automatically recalculate while you continue to use the spreadsheet.

    Imagine the advantages of XESS/Trade working for you.

    Contact AIS at trade@ais.com for more information on the solution to your real-time trading and spreadsheet needs.

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