Add-In for Unigraphics

NOTE: Beginning with Unigraphics V11.0, a version of the XESS spreadsheet is embedded with each copy of Unigraphics. The functions of UG/XESS are replaced with features included in Unigraphics.

There is a special upgrade for Unigraphics users to gain the advantage of the full XESS Spreadsheet product and the xsBasic Macro Add-in.

UG/XESS combines the standard XESS spreadsheet with an add-in product that provides an interface with the EDS Unigraphics CAD/CAM/CAE system. The UG/XESS package provides an efficient way to bring the power of knowledge-based engineering to Unigraphics users. Time-consuming tasks such as building and managing familes of parts are eliminated.

UG/XESS Sample Solution

How do I get UG/XESS?

UG/XESS may be purchased from AIS or from EDS Unigraphics. It includes the UG/XESS Add-In and a full XESS spreadsheet distribution.

UG/XESS is supported on all platforms that are supported by the Unigraphics products.

What if I have Version 11 of Unigraphics?

UG/XESS is an upgrade to the spreadsheet capabilities of Unigraphics Version 11. Your applications developed with UG/XESS continue to work.

A restricted version of the XESS spreadsheet technology is included with the Gateway component of Version 11 of Unigraphics. Everyone who receives UG Version 11 will receive this spreadsheet capability. This embedded technology is supported directly by EDS Unigraphics as part of their standard products.

For Unigraphics Version 11 users, standard XESS (or UG/XESS) is a compatible upgrade to the embedded version of the spreadsheet technolgy. This upgrade provides the following additional features:

When used as an upgrade to Version 11, UG/XESS or standard XESS can be invoked using the new embedded invocation mechanism instead of the external UFUNC approach used by UG/XESS with previous versions of Unigraphics.

You must have either UG/XESS or standard XESS as an upgrade in order to develop your own applications which use the XESS API Toolkit.

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