XESS Spreadsheet Wins UNIX/Windows NT Technology Award

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- October 22, 1996 -- Windows NT Magazine presented Applied Information Systems (AIS) a UNIX/Windows NT Technology Award at UNIX Expo in New York City, October 10, 1996. This award recognizes the network-enabled XESS spreadsheet system as a leading integration product for UNIX and Windows NT.

The UNIX/Windows NT Technology award recognizes companies and products that are making a difference in the UNIX/Windows NT market. "Windows NT Magazine believes that this market segment is a key element in the overall Windows NT product line," said Mark Smith, Windows NT Magazine publisher.

At UNIX Expo, AIS demonstrated seamless ways to integrate applications between UNIX and Windows NT. A featured application showed the XESS/Trade spreadsheet add-in running on UNIX and delivering real-time market data to XESS spreadsheets running on UNIX and on Windows NT systems. AIS also previewed JAVA-enabled XESS displaying this real-time market data through a browser using a JAVA applet.

"The integration of UNIX and Windows NT systems is increasingly important, particularly in the financial services markets," said Arthur Coston, president of AIS. "Our unique network-enabled API makes it easy for our customers to deploy applications across multiple platforms. We are very proud that Windows NT Magazine has recognized our excellence in this area with this UNIX/Windows NT Technology award."

With the addition of version 3.1 for Windows NT, the XESS spreadsheet technology became supported on the widest variety of enterprise servers and workstations, with XESS API applications freely interacting across platforms -- Windows NT, UNIX, and OpenVMS. XESS is used daily by ten's of thousands of users as a general-purpose spreadsheet or integrated into the most challenging applications -- such as designing automobiles and airplanes, monitoring spacecraft, deploying troops, and trading securities.

XESS is available worldwide from AIS and its partners.

Applied Information Systems Inc., headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a 23-year-old supplier of software products and solutions. It specializes in multi-vendor integration applications and advanced client/server applications.

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