xsBasic Macro Development Add-in for the XESS Spreadsheet

The xsBasic Add-in provides an internal macro facility for the XESS Spreadsheet on Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT systems. The xsBasic Add-In supports internal macros and end-user extensions to the spreadsheet, ranging from simply automating repetitive tasks or adding a new computational function to developing an entire application with custom menus, dialogs, and file management.

The xsBasic language is based on widely-used object-oriented versions of the BASIC programming language. It supports cross-platform development of user functions, custom menus and dialogs, and user applications within the XESS Spreadsheet environment.

xsBasic Add-in Environment

The xsBasic Add-in is accessed with the XESS spreadsheet from the Macro menu button on the main XESS menubar. The implementation provides the underlying language constructs, ability to create/save a macro, open an existing macro, start macro execution, and stop macro execution. The xsBasic Add-in also includes the macro recorder, macro editor, and symbolic debugger.

xsBasic macros can be saved with the workbook in a spreadsheet file (.XS4) or exported to text files (.BAS).

The xsBasic Add-in works with other XESS options and add-ins including the xsTrade Real-Time Market Data Add-In and with custom extensions developed with the XESS API Toolkit.

xsBasic documentation is available for download.

xsBasic Language Features


Expressions in the xsBasic language include all the operators and functions available to the XESS Spreadsheet, plus a few additional ones.



Assignment Statements

Subroutines and Functions

Control Statements -- Testing and Looping


Input / Output

Directory Management


xsBasic provides a collection of objects whose properties and methods allow access to the XESS spreadsheet data and environment. These let you control the computational and visual aspects of the spreadsheet and its data.

A second collection of objects define and manipulate menus, buttons, and dialogs. These objects support nearly all the features available in the Motif environment. Individual objects may have many properties and methods.

The major objects supported are:

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