AIS Announces xsBasic Add-In for Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- 29 September 1998 --

Applied Information Systems (AIS) today announced the availability of the xsBasic Add-in to the XESS Spreadsheet on Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT systems. The xsBasic Add-In supports internal macros and end-user extensions to the spreadsheet, ranging from simply automating repetitive tasks or adding a new computational function to developing an entire application with custom menus, dialogs, and file management.

The xsBasic language is based on widely-used object-oriented versions of the BASIC programming language. It supports cross-platform development of user functions, custom menus and dialogs, and user applications within the XESS Spreadsheet environment.

"We saw a strong need for these capabilities among our customers. With xsBasic, they have a powerful, easy-to-use tool that lets them solve their problems within a familiar framework," said Arthur Coston, president of Applied Information Systems. "This lets them save on training and take advantage of existing programs."

XESS is the most powerful enterprise spreadsheet, supporting workbooks with up to 10 million rows while maintaining a high level of compatibility with the Excel and Lotus spreadsheet products. The xsBasic Add-in works with other XESS options and add-ins including the xsTrade Real-Time Market Data Add-In and with custom extensions developed with the XESS API Toolkit.

The xsBasic Add-In is available worldwide from AIS and its partners for:

Applied Information Systems, headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a 25-year-old supplier of software products and solutions. AIS is a technology leader in network-enabled spreadsheet solutions for end-users, corporate environments, system integrators, and third-party developers. Its XESS spreadsheet technology is used daily in the most challenging applications -- designing automobiles and airplanes, monitoring spacecraft, deploying troops, controlling the power grid, and trading securities.

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